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Launch Jacking

In the world of online marketing there is a seldom talked about but VERY powerful technique to make easy commissions if done correctly. This money making secret is known as Launch Jacking.

In its simplest terms, Launch Jacking is a very powerful technique to rank a review in Google for the launch of a popular product or service right when it launches to make the maximum amount of commissions.

So you may ask, what is it and how do I do this Launch Jacking you speak of? Ah, glad you asked…

First let me show how I Launch Jacked a recent Internet Marketing product launch and even ended up on the leaderboard. In addition to the commissions I made from affiliate sales I also made some prize money as well.

 Number 1 on YouTube for the term Funnel Boss Review


 I ranked #3 on the first page of Google for Funnel Boss Review

I used a really easy to use, inexpensive but very powerful software program to rank my review video to number one in YouTube and number three on the first page of Google in less than an hour!

The software I’m referring to is Live Event Blaster

Live Event Blaster is a very easy to use software that allows you to make any video go live nearly instantly!

Let me give you a little history lesson to help you understand why live events are so powerful for nearly instant Google page one rankings…

It all started way back in 2001

On 9/11 Google was not able to return relevant results to the millions of people searching for news on the Twin Tower attacks.

People googling for news and updates couldn’t find anything about the attacks on page 1!

That’s when Google decided to change their algorithm to favor news items. They decided that the News would get indexed faster and get top rankings!

Live Events are considered LIVE NEWS by the YouTube Algorithm! So they get an unfair advantage over regular videos and even news sites!

Breaking It All Down

Step 1 – Find a product launch that you want to promote. Since I focus mostly on the Internet Marketing space the main places to go to find out about product launches are MunchEye and JVNotify Pro. Both provide launch calendars along with links to the JV / Affiliate pages to get additional information about the funnels, contests, etc.

Step 2 – Create a product review video. I use Camtasia Studio, but there are a plethora of free video creation tools such as Windows Movie Maker and Jing.

Step 3 – Fire up Live Event Blaster at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled product launch.


Launch Jacking is a very lucrative technique that can easily add four or more figures to your bottom line every week. In a future blog post I will also show you how to use Launch Jacking to grow a big customer list as well, so stay tuned for more to come.