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About us

I'm Steve Haase I'm the CEO of AttentionSoft. Here at AttentionSoft we are dedicated to helping you find your way in the Online Marketing jungle.


Who am I and why should you listen to me?


I have a long and interesting background...

After high school I enlisted in the U.S. Coast Guard and became a Rescue Swimmer and Medical Corpsman. Below is a picture of me on a mission hanging out of a perfectly good helicopter. It was a fun and dangerous job, but I loved it!

attentionsoft steve hanging from a helecopter  

I was in the Coast Guard for six years and after many wonderful times and missions, I knew my calling was not in military service.





Shortly after being honorably discharged from the Coast Guard, I was recruited by the New Orleans Police Department as a Police Officer and Paramedic. Yes I performed as both at that time.  Here is a picture of me way back at the Republican National Convention in 1988  
















They have since split it into separate departments now.

Those were some of the best years of my life and I had a chance to work with some real heroes back then. Many of those whom I served with have been life long friends that I still maintain a friendship to this day.

I had to cut my career short after suffering a serious on the job injury that ended my career. At first this seemed like the worst thing in the world to happen to me back then but it helped me to become an IT professional.

As an IT professional I used to build, sell and service computers. I eventually opened a storefront in the suburbs of New Orleans and that is how I learned to market online, back when online marketing was very new. I guess you could say I was a pioneer.

I have been marketing online since the mid 1990's. I used to list computers and computer parts for sale on various Internet malls online. Then when EBay came along I became an EBay Power Seller and continued to sell computers and computer components on EBay.

Although I was successful at both ventures it became a real chore. 80+ hour work weeks and I never had time for much of a family life. At the time I was raising two young boys and never had time with them or my former wife. The stress was killing me, literally. I had been hospitalized multiple times for suspicion of a heart attack, which each time thankfully turned out to be severe anxiety.

That placed me at a crossroads, either keep killing myself and possibly lose my family or my life, or sell my businesses and get a job. Well fate stepped in and one of my wholesalers bought me out. He already had the staffing and resources to make the transition transparent to my customers and my employees. However he asked me to remain on staff to run the day to day business operations but the new owner took over a lot of the stuff that was costing me so much time like dealing with vendors and ordering, inventory, employee management etc.  and this gave me my family life back.

A few months later the new owner had moved to Las Vegas due to health problems with one of his children needing to move to a drier climate. He relocated to Las Vegas to join a former college roommate and a few months after that, decided to open a wholesale / retail / service center there and asked me to join him to get it up and running.

After a few months we became wildly successful and then greed set in. He reneged on our profit sharing arrangement and we parted company. I moved on to take a job as a corporate IT Director for a medical billing company.

A few years went by and in 2006 I heard about this program on how to make money online on The Howard Stern Show, called The Rich Jerk by Kelly Felix. It was cheap enough I think it cost $29 and that taught you how to be an affiliate marketer. I followed the program and began running ads on the Google Adwords platform and actually had almost instant success and I started making money online. I didn't have to inventory anything. No employees to deal with and I could do it all from the comfort of my home office while keeping my full time job. It seemed like a dream come true.

After a while I began creating affiliate niche sites and ranking them in Google using SEO. Before long I had well over 50 of these niche sites and the money soon started rolling in! I was killing it! Making so much money online I was able to quit my day job. I was FREE! I was starting to live the lifestyle and life was good.

Then in 2011 along came the Google Penguin update and literally in a matter of weeks, it was like someone turned out the lights. None of my sites were ranking anymore. I couldn't even find them in the search engines. I panicked! I found out I wasn't alone, that this single devastating Google update wiped out a lot of people's rankings and income and their sites were either delisted or were so far back in the search rankings Sherlock Holmes couldn't find them, mine included.

I kept trying and trying to save my business and recover from this devastating update but it seemed futile and I was running out of money quickly. I had no choice, I had to get a job. I took another IT Manager job for the State of Nevada and I HATED it! But at least my finances were stabilized, although I wasn't making nearly as much money I was able to downsize my expenses and pay my bills, and at least I was getting by. This left me pretty jaded about marketing online and I left it for a couple of years.

Then it was one evening in 2013. I was out with friends waiting to get into a swanky restaurant. While waiting in line to get a table, there was another party of people in front of us waiting as well and we all began talking. As it usually happens everyone was asking what each other they did for a living.

There was this one guy that I had been chatting it up with who told me he made money online from anywhere in the world and he and his wife traveled the world and he could work from a laptop with an Internet connection anywhere. I won't mention his name but he is a very well known Internet Marketer. He gave me his email address and told me to hit him up in a couple of days and he'd give me more information.

I followed up and he helped me by referring me to various training courses and information about what he was doing and how I could do it too. Before long I was hooked again. This time I was determined not to put all my eggs in one basket again. I wanted to diversify my income so what happened in 2011 never happened to me again. I went through my trial and error period and shinny object syndrome (distraction from information overload) but eventually I got it figured out and cracked the code. This time it all clicked!

I began networking with other marketers and really developing personal relationship with them. These relationships led to me becoming known to a lot of the millionaire power marketers out there. Because of my substantial IT background I began helping them with their technical issues and before long several were having me help them develop their infrastructure and became their go to tech guy, which I still do till this day.

Through the cultivation of these relationships has helped propel my business and provide me with valuable insights on how to grow and scale out an online business beyond what the average person just buying courses and trying to figure things out are privy to. There really is a lot of value in networking with like minded people who are where you want to be in business.

I have created information and software products and once again I have replaced my day job income. I'm happy to say I haven't had a J O B since 2013 and I hope I never have to have another one ever again.

So if you're struggling, I feel your pain, but remember nothing worthwhile comes easy. Here at AttentionSoft our goal is to help you wade through the minefield of marketing online and to profit as quickly as possible. Please check out our site to learn more and feel free to drop me a line anytime.